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Spring into the Outdoors for Some of Your Workouts


Spring exercising outdoorsMany people are excited to get outside and start exercising as the weather warms up. We have all felt cooped up during the winter months. It is time to breathe in the fresh air. When biking, running or spending any time outside, your body will love the extra Vitamin D it can absorb from the natural sunlight. Vitamin D has proven to increase immune function, decrease depression and lower changes of Type II Diabetes. One note of caution is to protect yourself from the harmful cancer-causing rays from the sun. Make sure you put some waterproof or sweat-proof sunscreen on your exposed skin. While we remember the obvious areas like our arms, legs and face, let’s not forget the all-important places like tops of your ears and back of your neck.

According to Jack Carter, Evening Supervisor and Trainer at The Health Club, “There are many benefits to working out outside in addition to Vitamin D. You can take the kids to the park to play while you get some exercise in and have some quality family time. You can engage in multidirectional activity when participating in family games like playing tag, throwing around a frisbee, or kicking the soccer ball. There are so many ways to maximize the benefits of outdoor cardio exercise.”

While there are many benefits to outdoor exercising, you should initially proceed with caution. Cardio workouts in the gym have a potentially different effect on the body than outdoors exercises. The impact is much harder when running on a pavement or concrete than on the belt of a treadmill. Many times, there is a little spring action from the belt to provide a little assistance. Your heart and lungs may react differently as well. It is important to give your body some time to adjust to avoid common injuries like shin splints. The transition of getting your body accustomed to the conditions outside can occur relatively quickly. It will then be time to appreciate mother nature and take advantage of new workout opportunities.

As you enjoy your time outside, cross training should be integrated into your work-out routine. Weight and strength training is a very important part of weight-loss and helping your body remain injury-free. Just like the winter months, The Health Club is open during warmer weather so you can keep a diverse exercise regime. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact any of our certified trainers and they would be glad to help you.